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We have some Incredible FREE Tools to help in this crazy, mixed up COVID World.

Much of what we offer is Free to you.


Folks just Point and Click.

Keep your folks "In The Know" all the time.

  • Place one at the entrance, let folks know what to do next.
  • Have one at the Driving Range promoting the Pro Shop or Snack bar.
  • Put links on the tee markers promoting the sponsors. You can charge a fee and we let you keep 100%.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Utah SAVE 

You get the TouchlessConnect™ system for FREE, use it on or off course.

Click on the emblem and see what this system is all about.
It will help Businesses and Individuals.

Save Money

  • The single best tool to help folks Save Money across the West. (Coming to Every State.)
  • Businesses and Organizations also have Tremendous Benefits.
  • You may want to check out the Free Tools as well on BizHelpCenter.


Both Qnow™ and ScanOfTheDay™ work the same way and they make your business Clickable!
A CRITICAL issue is the Page Load Speed. 
If someone points their phone at your code and nothing happens immediately, they are gone.
Qnow™ is the Evolution of the QR Code!

See the Full Line

We have a full array of tools and systems for small business owners you won't find anywhere else.
In addition, many of them are Free, including the Pocket Billboard system that is free to Golf industy folks.

Absolutely. We have some Tremendous Supporters for BuyLOCAL™ that help.

We let the system do that. We create a marketing site customized to you and that directs folks to the type of advertising or sponsorship they prefer.
We take none of the revenue, it's all yours.

Yes. Consultations are included free of charge. We realize building your own sites and information may be new to you so we can help.
We also have extensive How-To websites that show you how to do everything on your own.

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Find the top 10 courses by State in the West.

We have ranked the courses and tell why.
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