Are you a part of an Organization?

What if you had a way to get your message out to everyone, with 100% deliverability, and everyone got it once they simply pointed their camera phone at your link and clicked?

They have the option to place it on their home screen so every time they need your update they just click again as it's now with them everywhere they go.

If you are a School, Church, HOA, Community Organization, Golf Course, Apartment Complex or any other organization that has a member base and needs to get TOUCHLESS messages delivered, this is for you.


To increase communication with simplicity and insure folks always get the message.



Folks just point and click. Put it on the front door as they don't even need to leave their vehicle.



Need 5 or 5,000 to get the message, no problem.
Our system doesn't bog down like others you may have tried.



Ideally you control as we give you log-in rights. If you want us to do it all there is a nominal monthly fee.
Changes take effect in real time and as folks click again the system automatically updates on their phone.


No Downloads

They don't download anything, it's already on their phone.

Our Qnow™ is not your typical QR code, it's Supercharged.

It can be a simple message all the way up to a full website or video. We don't put any conditions on your content.

Watch video
Any Device

No matter their device and even if they are some distance away, they just zoom in and click.


Other systems require a strong internet connection, not us. We can work over an internet connection, Wi-Fi or even the cellular network.

Always up to date

Keep your folks 'In-The-Know' with up to date information, delivered right to the one device they always have with them and it's always on...Their Cellular Device.